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  About Ferrell

  • Artist at large working in Georgetown, south Seattle, at Illumination Studio. A Seattle native who has had long term interests in fine art, architectural drafting and the graphic arts. With a minor in Art History, the Bauhaus School from Germany impacted him most. He also pursued photography with an interest in the large format process.

  • Painting predominantly abstract art and celestial visions in various mediums, they are the kind of images you feel like stepping into. I've always said I'd like to take a two week vacation in one of my paintings.

  • As a youngster I was very impressed with the concept of the visual coupled with music. Roger Dean's album art for the band Yes was a perfect marriage of the style of music to the images associated with it. Dean, with his extension of the predominately organic Art Nouveau captured the didactic style of Yes' music.

  • Ferrell's varied art background led him to Mary Tudor, artist, whom he studied with and shared a studio with for several years. Being third generation Elaine de Kooning and Bill Ivey, the influence shows in some of his work.

  • Painting enthusiastically, Ferrell shares a studio with several artists ongoing in south Seattle's Georgetown neighborhood with the name of Illumination Studio. His commitment to his art has put several pieces in art auctions for fund raising and numerous public spaces and private collections.

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