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Rose/Ferrell Studio  Formerly the Illumination Studio in the Original Brewery building, we are now the Rose/Ferrell Studio with Dari Stolzoff and myself to start with and the possibility of visiting artists along the way. We are continuing our tradition of exploring all things abstract, emphasizing the use of color and texture. Located at 5516 4th Ave So., just two buildings south of Lucille St. on 4th Ave So. on the east side of 4th. We have joined the Equinox Family of Artists which is over 100 strong at this time and growing larger. We are at one of their "outposts" in the same building as the Seattle Artist League. We still have the official Art Attack DJ, DJ Luscious Leopard Lips as our musical accompaniment but he will be dividing his time between us and the "Big Blue" building in the primary Equinox complex on 5th Ave, South of Michigan St. We are still taking part in the Art Attack monthly art walk also. Second Saturdays at this time can vary but usually between 5pm to 9pm.

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