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Illumination Studio was a working studio painting in all things abstract where the artists produce works as well as use the studio as a presentation gallery for the public. We worked together critiquing each others work and communicating about different processes and applications in the world of artistic expression, much like an Atelier. We celebrated color in abstract form with each of the artists providing their own interpretation, be it color field, painterly, organic, structural, geometric, architectonic and so on.

   Located in the heart of Georgetown in the original Seattle Brewing building and old Rainier Cold Storage building just south of downtown Seattle. Built in 1879, it still shows it's own history and character.

The History of this studio goes back to 1991 when it was started as the Mary Tudor studio, where she taught abstract painting and produced her own work ongoing till 2015, when she retired. Having teachings from Elaine DeKooning and Bill Ivey, several of the existing artists were students of hers and continue her dedication to building and growing in the abstract direction.

Art Attack is Georgetown's monthly art walk, begun in 2007, which we take part in by opening the studio to the public. It happens every Second Saturday at Six (the three S's).


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